I am a self-motivated software engineer specialized in systems and tools design, and real-time computer graphics. I love crafting high performance software that delights and surprises developers and end-users.


Senior software engineer at Google, LLC.  2013 – present

Working on Project Stream. Designing and implementing the graphics infrastructure, including drivers, tools, APIs, and cross-functional work with video coding, virtualization, build engineering, and fleet management.

Worked on Chromecast. Designed and implemented the Google Cast Remote Display for iOS SDK.

Software engineer at Facebook, inc.  2012 – 2013

Worked on Facebook for iOS. Responsible for the composer module.

Software engineer at Apple, inc.  2008 – 2012

Worked in the GPU Developer Technologies group on OpenGL developer tools for OS X and iOS. Designed the core technologies behind Xcode’s integrated GPU frame debugger.

Education and skills

B.Eng. in Software Engineering, Université Laval, Canada.

  • System, framework, application software engineering (API design, drivers, system integration).
  • Asynchronous, parallel, distributed software (HPC, graphics, media).
  • Real-time computer graphics (algorithms, techniques, software design, performance).
  • Audio-video media (encoding, streaming, data flow).
  • Team work (technical writing, bug management, code review, working with other disciplines).
  • Knowledgable: C, C++, Linux, Objective-C, SPIR-V, Vulkan.
  • Basic: Apple platforms (iOS, macOS, etc), Go, Metal, Objective-C, Python, Swift.